Street Musicians

From Playa del Carmen, Mexico to San Francisco, California, I have developed a fascination with street musicians. I started photographing them last spring and I hope to continue to do so. I have chosen to edit this series as black and white images to let the story be the focus, rather than the colors.

You’ll see many characters in this series, from a steel drum duo to a mariachi band. I love the personalities of the musicians, perhaps because I am drawn to music in general and musicians (like my husband).

Have you ever been fascinated by musicians in foreign cities and countries?


  1. Most of the time when I come across street musicians in DC, I stop and listen and find a way to leave money (if I have some on me). If they are good – I’ll stay longer. Once I was invited to sing with some guys performing at Eastern Market. Nobody was around to hear my rendition of “Fly Me To The Moon” but that didn’t stop me! I love music and musicians…thank God for them.

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