‘I could never love anyone as I love my sisters’

That is a favorite quote from the 1994 movie version of Little Women. My sister and I often convert it to the singular and use it to describe our relationship. I’m confident that these 3 little girls will feel the same way (maybe not during their teen years…).

I’ve watched this family grow from one little girl, to two and now three, and I love watching how they interact with each other. Sonja, their mom, is one of the coolest ladies I know and I truly admire her laid back personality. I believe the following images really capture the true nature of Mike, Sonja, Clara, Celia and Julia. I had an incredible time watching them play on a chilly Sunday morning and they were absolutely wonderful to photograph.

You’ll see some great candids along with a few posed shots since the girls were truly ‘hamming it up’ for the camera and me. Do you have a sister? If so, do these images bring back any old memories? I’m fortunate to have a sister and a brother, and I love having one of each (plus a few in-laws now, who just make things more fun).


  1. Sondra Rush says:

    This is the first time I have been on your website in quite a while. These are amazing photos. These of the three sisters brought me to tears…probably because I am about to have my third girl and your work is just so unique. You capture real life, emotion, and personality on so many levels. You have an amazing gift…and I just wouldn’t say that to anyone:)


    • heather_admin says:

      Thank you, Sondra. I’m not sure I could have summed up my goals as a photographer any better than you listed them here. I know your girls will be so lucky to have each other and I’m glad you enjoyed that bond in these images.

  2. dear heather,

    i agree with sondra completely! i love these photos. very real. i feel terrible, but i am planning on doing a better job of keeping up with your work!

    lots of love,



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