Josh + Cortney, engaged

This post is about a love story. This amazing couple met about two and a half years ago and started a relationship that has grown into something bigger than I think they could have imagined. This pair is committed to each other and they are passionate about helping other people. They are inspiring to me and I hope that shows in these images.

My favorite part of this session was their goal to be themselves and to incorporate items that represent them. The most important additions were their two dogs. Josh and Cortney spend a lot of time caring for these pups and it’s a big part of their relationship. Normally, I can’t do much with dogs because I’m allergic, but this outdoor session really worked out well for the whole crew. We enjoyed a somewhat (ok, very) cold evening in Wendy Park here in Cleveland and the engagement session was a blast.

What do you enjoy most about spending time in a park? Do you enjoy bringing your dogs and building relationships in the great outdoors?


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