Four generations together

There is no doubt that I love doing what I do, but this session re-affirmed by passion for photographing families. I was asked to photograph four generations of one family and I had the most incredible time with this group. I spent a couple hours with them getting a glimpse into their family dynamic and relationships. I met the great-grandparents – Katie, Ray & Jane, grandparents – Jeff & Cathy, parents – Chris, Summer, Andy & Maggie, and the adorable grandkids – Lola, Remy & Max. When Kathy asked me to do the session, I didn’t hesitate for a moment. I already knew Andy, Maggie and Max from his newborn session (and Andy happens to work with my husband). I also hail from a large family myself so I was excited to capture the relationships of another family.

During our time together, we captured moments between each part of the family. Moms, Dads and kiddos, grandparents and kiddos, great-grandparents and kiddos, the women of the family, the men of the family and every other wonderful combination. The images that resulted truly capture the love in this family. Moments like these don’t last forever and I’m so happy they were able to have some memories frozen in the form of these photographs.

What photographs do you treasure the most? Do you have images that help you remember favorite times with your family or friends? After the loss of my Grandad, I hold photographs of him so dear and they are all over my home.

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