My Best Friend’s Wedding

There is a great joy found in watching your best friend fall in love with a wonderful man and this spring I was able to photograph such a couple. After a year of getting to know each other and making a move to a different city together, these two became engaged and began planning a small wedding. They asked me to commemorate their engagement with some photographs and I recommended an evening session – aka golden hour. We ventured to the east side of the Cleveland Metroparks and found a great spot at the top of a hill. You can see their deep love as it comes through these images.

Less than 2 weeks ago, this lovely pair promised to spend their lives together and I was able to capture a few images in between all the fun. Enjoy!

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The Twirling Sisters Return

Well, there’s no good reason and there are so many reasons why this wasn’t posted sooner. It’s been more than 6 months since this fantastic family session, but I’m happy to share it now. I’ve known this family for several years and have had the pleasure of photographing them as their daughters have grown from babies to young ladies. I love their laid back vibe and how they are willing to brave some cold temps in the name of great photography. These first few were taken on the steps of the Cleveland Museum of Art, the rest were taken inside. We had a blast then and we will again soon!

Have you been to the art museum lately? What is your favorite exhibit?

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Anniversary Antics

It’s normal to invest in photographs for a wedding, but it’s not as common to do the same for anniversaries. I had the opportunity to do this special session for my own sister and brother-in-law on their 2nd anniversary. When they were married in 2011, they did a destination wedding in Charleston, SC and then a year later they made the big move south. They now call Charleston home, so we were able to revisit their wedding venue for this session. I love that we were able to take photographs at their venue to remember their amazing wedding day. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a special way to commemorate your wedding anniversary.

How do you and your spouse celebrate your anniversary? Have you ever gone back to your wedding venue? I haven’t and now I’m feeling inspired to do so.

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A Lakeside Wedding

I typically say ‘no’ to weddings for various personal reasons, but I made an exception this year. My dear friends were planning an intimate ceremony at Huntington Beach in Bay Village. They wanted to keep things simple and involve all their friends in the day, so they asked two of us to do the photography. A small selection of my favorites are below, but you can see them all on my Facebook page of course.

This ceremony was the perfect blend of intimate moments, a beautiful setting and a relaxed atmosphere. The light was brilliant and we worked with the bright sun and blue skies. It is always an honor to be asked into someone’s life for a brief period, but this was a truly unique experience.

What are the moments you remember most from your own wedding or from a dear friend’s ceremony? What photographs mean the most 5, 10, 25 years down the road?

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Maternity self portraits

One of the first things I looked forward to when I found out I was pregnant was an opportunity to take my own maternity photos. Sure, I could ask some other photographer friends to do the session, but there’s something about the challenge of setting up a tripod and seeing what I could come up with on my own that excited me. My first project was our gender announcement photos. I scoured Pinterest for inspiration images and quickly found that many ideas included blue or pink balloons and I wanted to do something a bit different. Eventually I found a couple different ideas and compiled them into my own. On the day of our ultrasound, I prepared my husband for our little photo session and set up the tripod and the announcement. A few clicks later and some editing and my plan was complete.

gender reveal photographygender announcement

A few months later I knew I wanted to capture some maternity photos in the snow. Here in Cleveland, we had a few great snowy days after Christmas and I once again talked my husband into my plan. While he was off work for the holidays, we took a drive into the Metroparks and found a nice snowy spot to set the scene. Running back and forth from the tripod to our spot 8 months pregnant with no coat on was quite comical. We did manage to stay warm enough and had quite a blast throwing snow at each other.

pregnancy photosmaternity photography maternity photographymaternity photography

Josh & Cortney: Save the Date!

After wrapping up a fun engagement session overlooking Downtown Cleveland, I was excited to see the photographs put to use. Josh and Cortney used a beautiful black and white image from the session as their Save the Date magnet. With the wedding less than 6 weeks away, we are all getting ready to celebrate these two as they begin a long and loving marriage. Congratulations you two!

Cleveland engagement session save the date

Josh + Cortney, engaged

This post is about a love story. This amazing couple met about two and a half years ago and started a relationship that has grown into something bigger than I think they could have imagined. This pair is committed to each other and they are passionate about helping other people. They are inspiring to me and I hope that shows in these images.

My favorite part of this session was their goal to be themselves and to incorporate items that represent them. The most important additions were their two dogs. Josh and Cortney spend a lot of time caring for these pups and it’s a big part of their relationship. Normally, I can’t do much with dogs because I’m allergic, but this outdoor session really worked out well for the whole crew. We enjoyed a somewhat (ok, very) cold evening in Wendy Park here in Cleveland and the engagement session was a blast.

What do you enjoy most about spending time in a park? Do you enjoy bringing your dogs and building relationships in the great outdoors?

Laughter, smiles and a serious face

I have another session highlighting the beauty of last fall. Here in Cleveland, we had great weather even into November when this session took place. The subjects are dear friends of mine who I’ve known for my entire life. Having that kind of connection makes my job easy – natural expressions and images just fall together with little effort, or so it may seem.

I spent time watching this family interact and I saw their little boy open up to our little plan of having fun in their front yard. He laughed, smiled, and frowned and I saw what makes him tick and what makes him excited. Some of my favorite images from this session are the images of him in action. We included their handsome pooch in a few shots and I think he performed quite well *disclaimer, I’m sadly allergic to most dogs, but Barnabas and I get along rather well*.

Another great part of this session was the special request for some mom and dad shots. I always love when parents ask for this because I know how rare it is to have photographs of both parents alone after kiddos come along. I often recommend taking a moment or two to steal some shots while the kids play. I don’t think parents ever regret this choice and I hope to always include this option in my family sessions.

Is it important to you to have a couple shot included in your photography session package? What images are most important to you and your family?

Awaiting a new sister

My dear friends moved up to Cleveland just a few months ago and are now expecting their third baby girl in a month. We wanted to capture this period of time before she is born, so we gathered the family at Lakewood Park for a late afternoon photography session. After we talked through some shot preferences we started the fun game of corralling the two little girls who are 20 months and 4 years old. We may have used some bribery tactics to accomplish our mission, but there was a lot of fun involved in the process as well.

Do you remember trying on hats that were too big? Or blowing dandelion seeds just to watch them scatter?

Epstein Family in the park

On a very warm and sunny July afternoon, I headed east with my favorite assistant in tow (also known as my husband). We were headed to meet up with the lovely Epstein family for an hour of photo fun. When we all arrived at the park, the swings were the first destination (and the third and the fifth, can you see a pattern forming?) The little buddy needed a break between shots for some swinging fun and we certainly let him get that energy out whenever possible. The gorgeous baby girl kept it cool for the entire session and it was impressive!

After shots of the entire family, the kiddos together, mom and dad with the kids, and a couple sweet photos of just the parents, our time was complete. When I went back to select and edit the images, I had the best time re-living our afternoon of laughs and I hope you enjoy the results.