Norah turned 2!

Way back in February (doesn’t winter seem like a distant, terrible memory now in the middle of July?) I photographed this sweet toddler for the 3rd time. It was a great moment to capture Norah as she had just turned 2 years old. After photographing her at 6 months and then again at 1 year, I could see her personality continuing to grow and develop. She is truly a sweet little girl and she became a loving big sister in April. Her baby brother will be lucky to have her showing him the way in life, she is a gentle and kind big sister from what I hear.

For this years’ photographs we settled on the Cleveland Museum of Art as the backdrop and Norah had a good time wandering and exploring the atrium and hallways. We are so lucky to have such a gorgeous institution in Cleveland that allows for free visits and more art creation on the grounds. I love CMA! Have you been lately? The renovations are absolutely incredible.

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Four generations together

There is no doubt that I love doing what I do, but this session re-affirmed by passion for photographing families. I was asked to photograph four generations of one family and I had the most incredible time with this group. I spent a couple hours with them getting a glimpse into their family dynamic and relationships. I met the great-grandparents – Katie, Ray & Jane, grandparents – Jeff & Cathy, parents – Chris, Summer, Andy & Maggie, and the adorable grandkids – Lola, Remy & Max. When Kathy asked me to do the session, I didn’t hesitate for a moment. I already knew Andy, Maggie and Max from his newborn session (and Andy happens to work with my husband). I also hail from a large family myself so I was excited to capture the relationships of another family.

During our time together, we captured moments between each part of the family. Moms, Dads and kiddos, grandparents and kiddos, great-grandparents and kiddos, the women of the family, the men of the family and every other wonderful combination. The images that resulted truly capture the love in this family. Moments like these don’t last forever and I’m so happy they were able to have some memories frozen in the form of these photographs.

What photographs do you treasure the most? Do you have images that help you remember favorite times with your family or friends? After the loss of my Grandad, I hold photographs of him so dear and they are all over my home.

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A beautiful day at the Cleveland Museum of Art

The best parts about life are the unexpected and the unplanned moments. When this photography session was planned, we were certainly afraid the day would be too chilly to shoot outside with these little ones. Amazingly enough, a cold rainy stretch turned warm and even a bit sunny for us on a great November Saturday in Cleveland. We started the session inside the new atrium of the Cleveland Museum of Art – if you haven’t been yet, I highly recommend it. The long renovation of the museum is nearing completion and it looks incredible, the light in the atrium is perfect for some special family portraits.

After we spent some time inside we were able to take a walk to the Wade Park Pond in front of the museum. We spent the rest of our session there and found some lingering fall foliage to incorporate in the photographs. The light was absolutely beautiful and soft for the final portraits of our time together.

Have you been to the art museum lately? What is your favorite spot in University Circle?

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A trio of girls romping in the leaves

On a cold, snowy day in Cleveland it’s refreshing to look back at photographs from a beautiful fall day in October. The leaves, the light, the lack of scarves and coats, adds up to an entirely different feeling than winter. I last had the pleasure of photographing this sweet family when they were awaiting the arrival of baby girl #3, Mylah Elizabeth. We used this session to capture some 1 year old portraits of Mylah as well as the two older girls, Aliyah (now 3 years old), and Selah (age 5). I think it’s safe to say we had a blast playing in the leaves and enjoyed a beautiful afternoon.

What is your favorite way to capture the fall colors? Have you been thinking about the seasons to come while we’re in the midst of winter?

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Three gorgeous sisters

You may remember these darling girls from their first appearance on my site. This fall it was time to capture some sweet moments with this trio of girls once again. It’s amazing how quickly they changed and how their personalities have developed even more since I last saw them. The girls took little time warming up to me and showed some beautiful smiles right off the bat.

This unique family chose to have our session at their house again and I loved it for the comfort factor and because they wanted to show a few moments from their real life. They busted out their current favorite game, Uno, and included a round in some of the photographs.

What is your favorite activity or game to play with your family? Did you spend time soaking up those moments over the recent holidays?

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3 Boys Exploring the Park

I met this lovely family about 5 years ago when I baby sat their two oldest boys for a few weeks. Our paths crossed again in September when they needed some family photography done. I was excited to see the boys again and to meet the youngest member of the family. We spent the first part of the session exploring the park, swinging as high as possible, and running between trees. We found some moments to have the boys stop and come together, but you’ll notice some other shots of them being at ease too. I love the balance of these two styles and it is something I try to incorporate in all my sessions.

Children need to exercise and have fun, so that is something you can expect in any session I do. What do you do to make sure you are capturing your child’s personality? Is it easy to see them shine through in photographs or activities they love?


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Avery and the ducks

One humid evening at the end of summer, I met up with this special gal in Clague Park. We spent our time together talking, exploring, and tempting fate with some beautiful ducks. Avery had many stories to tell and we became pals pretty quickly. Her bravery and adventuresome spirit shined out in our session and I think you’ll see a good glimpse into her personality. You’ll see her new little buddy, Max, make an appearance as well.

What’s you favorite way to spend an evening in late summer? Or are you preferring the cooler temps that fall brings? I love the light of an evening session like this one.


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