Awaiting a new sister

My dear friends moved up to Cleveland just a few months ago and are now expecting their third baby girl in a month. We wanted to capture this period of time before she is born, so we gathered the family at Lakewood Park for a late afternoon photography session. After we talked through some shot preferences we started the fun game of corralling the two little girls who are 20 months and 4 years old. We may have used some bribery tactics to accomplish our mission, but there was a lot of fun involved in the process as well.

Do you remember trying on hats that were too big? Or blowing dandelion seeds just to watch them scatter?

Caleb Xavier & Niko Jose

A little over a week ago I had the pleasure of capturing little, 3 week old Caleb. He’s the latest addition to a very special family made up of my college roommate, Sarah, her husband, Jose, and their first born, Niko. I’ve known Sarah since I was born, although we didn’t really get to know each other until we were in college at Ohio State together. She’s been an incredible friend for the last 10 years (wow!) and I was so excited to photograph her little men. Sarah is half Greek and her husband is Puerto Rican, so it’s obvious why these little guys are so handsome. I hope you enjoy a peak into their family!

Have you met any new little babes this spring? It seems like a new baby is born every week amongst my friends, so the last month or so has been pretty action-packed!

Max on the go!

September is one of my favorite months here in Cleveland. I love the change in temperature and colors. I also love it when good friends come to visit from another great city, Pittsburgh. Adrienne and I met while working at the Loft and have stayed friends ever since (even when I moved back home to the CLE). She was sweet enough to hire me to photograph her stunner of a son, Max, while they were in town. We had a blast chasing the little man all over a neighborhood park and I enjoyed getting photographs of his true nature (there’s also a sneak peak into the bathtime adventure that occured). I can’t wait to photograph the two of them again. Here are some samples of the fun!