What locations do you suggest for the session?

Weather permitting, we can head to any number of parks around the city or we can meet at your home where your kids are comfortable. I typically recommend the following locations, but I’m always game for a new adventure:

  • Downtown – E.4th Street, the Gateway District & Perk Plaza (between Chester and Walnut)
  • Edgewater Park, Whiskey Island & Wendy Park
  • The Shaker Lakes
  • University Circle – Cleveland Museum of Art & Wade Oval
  • Clague Park
  • Rocky River Park
  • Huntington Beach (Bay Village)
  • The Flats (Columbus Road Peninsula)
  • The Towpath
  • The Metroparks

What clothing do you recommend?

For children, solid or textural clothing is best so that the focus remains on them – please avoid name brands or words on any clothing. For adults, wear what you’re most comfortable in and bear in mind that you may be swinging your kids around during the session. Bold colors can be fun, but matching is not necessary.

Do you provide a USB drive of the images from the photo session?

Yes, I provide a USB drive for $100 in combination with a print order. The USB drive includes the final edited images, it does not include all raw images from the session. My recommendation is to place your print order with me because I have taken the time to seek out the best printer for both color and black & white prints. Consumer focused printers do not generally print high quality black & white images.